Sniper Elite V2 Steam-ALI213


Sniper Elite V2 Steam UNLOCKED Cracked-ALI213
English | Genre: Third Person Shooter TPS | Game production: Rebellion | Game publishers: 505 Games
PC | 5.97 GB

“Sniper Elite” early-generation debut in 2005, won the Award of the British Independent Game Developers Association’s “Best PC / console games. “Very pleased that the mainstream publishers such as 505 Games, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley, said. “Sniper Elite” is an important type of definition of a model, we expect greater achievements in conjunction with 505 Games elite. “Rebellion CTO Chris Kingsley, added:” For us, once again to get involved, “sniper elite” the world is wonderful and we look forward to be able to use the “sniper elite V2, again praise, a great game to shock the players.”

Publishers 505 Games and developers Rebellion announced on April 7, 2011, the classic World War II sniper shooting work, “sniper elite” in 2012 launched a new series as “Sniper Elite V2, (Sniper Elite V2), the game will be for the Xbox360 platform and the PS3, the PC platform, no confirmation.

Rebellion’s CEO Jason Colin Crossley, Jason Kingsley, said: “and cooperation 505 Games is an exciting thing,” sniper elite “is a very important work, is that it establishes a sneak into class sniper game standards we hope that with 505 Games, bringing a perfect work. ”

“We guarantee that the new game will be the most realistic World War II sniper games, not only in the trajectory of weapons, as well as in the tense atmosphere before the shoot, will be very real performance out of.”



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